ugh his smile though

Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking
This song hits me right in the feels everytime


im gonna fill the hole in my heart with concert tickets and vinyls and acoustic sing alongs and new albums and old albums and good lyrics and bad lyrics and lyrics i want to tattoo across every inch of my skin and harmonies and melodies im gonna inject good music into my fuckin viens 

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Ya no te quejes de tu insomnio, amor. Tal vez sea solo cosa de dormir en otra cama, en la mía, por ejemplo. Locuras de una mente delirante (via un-simple-corazon)

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I’ll never be good enough, no, I’ll never be good enough. (x)

did a thing. don’t repost or steal, leave this lil caption too pls.
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looks like this cat just witnessed a sick burn



Sometimes I really wanna go out and run a mile… Then I realize I’m lazy and sit back down and eat my chips

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